Forefronting Generations Success

Founded by industry leaders to set a new standard in search, career placement and flexible staffing, we deliver coordinated staffing solutions with unparalleled service, a commitment to project completion and success and a passion for innovation, creativity and continuous improvement.

Our niche brands provide direct hire solutions to emerging growth companies and the Fortune 500 across market sectors.

Fortune Global Services is established to facilitate guaranteed success to our clientele.

At FGS, We provide Staffing & Recruitment Services for IT companies. We have genuine interest in our customer’s need which enables us to provide them with new generation solutions. Over time, office locations and service offerings will be added to address ever changing constituent needs.

Vision & Mission


FGS vision is to be a distinguished staffing company that cultivates honest and opportune relationships with our clients, candidates and partners.


At FGS, our mission is to develop providential relationships with our clients by providing organizational thought leadership and advanced recruitment strategies.

Individual Goal

At FGS, each individual goal are aligned to our vision and mission and our Leadership has the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn't happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies. It takes effort to identify a vision that your customers will find credible and aligned with their values.

Simon Mainwaring

Our Values.

Our foundation is built on these values.

  • Professionalism

    Conducting business with long-term relationships and value as our primary goals.

  • Integrity

    Standing by our commitments both personal and professional by holding ourselves accountable to the highest level of ethics.

  • Performance

    Consistently exceeding customers' expectations, pursuing new ideas and solutions.

  • Teamwork

    Building teams based upon honesty and caring with a passion for our goals and those of our clients.

  • Respect

    Earning trust by consistently regarding self and others with appreciation, consideration and honor.

  • Balance

    Encouraging healthy balance between our professional and personal lives.